About Natura

Natura is a Brazilian Cosmetics multinational with presence in seven countries in Latin America and also in France. The company develops and manufactures products for the cosmetics, fragrances, personal care and food sectors.  Natura Cosmetics has long positioned itself to consumers around Brazilian biodiversity. Its successful Ekos directly inspired by the ancestral traditions of Brazilian populations is based on Amazon raw ingredients that respect biodiversity and local communities. Natura Brasil works with 36 local communities encompassing more than 2.200 families.


Fruit of a Palm tree, the açaí berry is a symbol of life happiness in Brazil. Açaí has many virtues for the body: giving an emollient antioxidant oil with moisturising energizing virtues (A, B1, B2, C and E vitamins as well as minerals).

The Açaí used in Natura's products is grown in the State of Pará (Amazonia) by 27 families from the Cofruta community. Açaí berries are harvested in spring with men climbing on top of palm trees in order to pick the ripe bunches. The culture of the Açaí in Amazonia enables to preserve local species, thanks to a sustainable forest management encouraging biodiversity.


UEBT and Natura partnership

Natura Cosmetics is one of the founding members of UEBT (member since may 2007)

Facing lack of traceability and good production practices within the communities, Natura partnered with UEBT to develop a Certification System guaranteeing a robust monitoring of Ethical BioTrade practices along their strategic supply chains. This new certification attests that the ingredients are ethically sourced following the internationally recognized UEBT standard.  The UEBT certification assures the conservation of biodiversity in the sourcing area and that provided communities are supported through equitable prices and local projects for sustainable development.

 Natura Cosmetics obtained certification for a total of 40 natural ingredients from 14 supplier communities based in the Brazilian Amazon: Andiroba, maracujá oil, cupuaçu butter and açai pulp are some examples of the ingredients that make it to national and international markets. 

'The big challenge now is to expand this concept beyond the domain of the field producers in the Amazon, with which we are working directly. The companies that provide other ingredients for Natura should also actively implement biodiversity management systems and monitor their strategic supply chains closely. The best would be for Natura suppliers to become member of UEBT.' says Angela Pinhati, Industrial Director of Natura.

Natura and Biodiversity