How to become a UEBT Affiliate Member ?


Affiliate Members refer to organisations or individuals that are supportive of the principles of Ethical BioTrade but are not themselves directly involved in trading.




Membership conditions

When applying for affiliate membership at UEBT, the prospective member must agree to the following conditions:



Application Process


Stages towards Affiliate Membership

1 - Prospective Affiliate Members are required to fill in an application form and submit it to the UEBT Secretariat. By submitting the membership application form, the applicant commits to UEBT’s membership conditions.

2 - Affiliate Members need to indicate if they comply with the minimum requirements of Ethical BioTrade, and show how they will implement these commitments before being accepted as a member of UEBT.

3 - The application will be reviewed by UEBT’s Membership Committee and the Board of Directors. If the application is approved, ‘Affiliate Member’ status will be granted upon payment of the first year of membership fees.



Membership fees

Affiliate Members pay an annual 'Membership fee' based on the following:

  • For profit Affiliate Member: Annual turnover
  • Not for profit Affiliate Member: Operating expenses
  • Financial institutions: Assets of the previous calendar year

Membership fees are charged from the moment the organisation becomes a member.

The first year of membership is charged pro rata to the number of months of membership in the calendar year. Subsequent membership fees are due in the first quarter of the calendar year.

The minimum fees for an Affiliate Member are € 100 per year.

Enter your Organisation type:
Enter your annual turnover in Euro:
Annual membership fee: