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Businesses can get started on the pathway to improvement by first becoming a UEBT member.  We are open to any organisation committed to sourcing with respect.  UEBT Trading members are companies involved in the collection, processing or harvesting of natural materials from biodiversity.

About UEBT membership

UEBT is a membership association open to any organisation that is committed to sourcing with respect.

Trading members are mostly companies who are actively involved in the collection or cultivation of plant materials. They might also be companies that process natural ingredients into active ingredients, such as essential oils and herbal teas, or companies that manufacture final products. By sourcing with respect, companies are demonstrating leadership in their sector. 

Members adhere to the UEBT membership conditions and we verify their good practice.

Membership gives you…

  • The opportunity to be part of a growing movement of companies and NGOs committed to sourcing with respect for people and biodiversity.

  • Credible, flexible verification solutions to improve your business and reassure customers.

  • Independent expertise and advisory services to improve operations.

Become a Trading Member

The starting point for any company is a formal commitment to UEBT membership conditions and obligations (available on resources page).  Once this commitment is made, the company follows a three-step pathway to become a Trading Member.

1.   Complete and submit an application

2.   Pass an external assessment

  • Assessment covers the company’s ethical sourcing system

  • Assessment performed by UEBT or a qualified external certification body

  • UEBT can offer alternative solutions to fit the needs of companies

3.   Submit a workplan

  • Workplan must focus on improving the ethical sourcing system

  • Workplan must be approved by UEBT or the certification body

  • Upon approval of the workplan, the company must pay an annual membership fee

Membership fees

Membership fees are paid annually and are based on the total annual revenue of the member organisation.

Through our partnership with UEBT, we have really deepened our commitment to organic and ethical sourcing over the last 10 years and are very proud that, together with our customers, we do our bit in protecting the planet.
— An Dreissens, Head of Global Marketing, Weleda