What is biodiversity?


Biodiversity is the variety of life on Earth.  The air you breathe, the food you eat, and your access to clean water all depend on biodiversity.  Biodiversity is vital and without it, we humans cannot survive. 

Every year, UEBT researches people’s awareness of biodiversity, what they expect from companies and what this means for how they buy things.  Now, after ten years of surveys, we have a good picture of people’s awareness of biodiversity around the world. 

Read more about people’s views on biodiversity and find out all results on our biodiversity barometer website.

Customer stories

View below 3-minute video portraits of consumers in the US and France and how their views are changing on ethical purchasing and biodiversity in everyday life and decisions.

Portrait of Mara, USA

Portrait of Marine, France

Portrait of Catherine, France

I’m not really cognizant that I’m thinking about biodiversity every day. But in my actions and in my everyday routine, I think I do think about it every day.
— Mara, mom of 2, Brooklyn USA

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