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Ethical sourcing for Natura's EKOS products


Natura, a Brazil-based manufacturer of cosmetics and personal care products has been a UEBT member since 2007.  The company was founded in 1969 as a sustainable cosmetics brand with a mission to build a better world.  Since then, they have been at the forefront of work to conserve Brazilian biodiversity.  UEBT is working with the Natura EKOS product division on their ethical sourcing system. Natura’s EKOS products are directly inspired by traditional Brazilian uses of various ingredients from nature. The ethical sourcing system sets out the company’s practices from the point of collection or harvest of a raw ingredient until the body care product lands on shelves in specialty shops from Paris to New York City.  

EKOS products at the Natura shop in New York City

EKOS products at the Natura shop in New York City

UEBT’s Ethical Sourcing System certification assures shoppers that companies are moving step by step on a journey of improving their sustainability.  Certification means companies are following ethical sourcing principles such as promoting local economic development and respecting the rights of indigenous people.  To this end, Natura has been very active in the Amazon where they are working with 30 communities on a new way of working together; one that conserves ecosystems and shares the benefits of using Brazil’s wealth of nature for human well-being. 

In addition to certifying Natura EKOS’ ethical sourcing system, UEBT also certifies more than 20 specific ingredients from the Amazon for use in Natura’s products. 

Lara Koritzke