Bring together companies


UEBT brings together Companies, trade associations, NGOs, community producers/collectors, National Bio Trade Programmes, and any other organisation active in BioTrade with the aim of improving sourcing practices in their businesses.

By joining UEBT, companies commit to gradually ensure that their sourcing practices of natural ingredients promote the conservation of biodiversity, respect traditional knowledge and assure the equitable sharing of benefits all the way from the producers to the consumers. This commitment is measured through the implementation of the Ethical BioTrade Standard in their business practices (research, innovation, product development, sourcing) at 2 levels: within the company itself and along their supply chains. UEBT has two membership categories: Trading Members and Affiliate Members.


Verification System

Through the UEBT’s verification framework, companies can compare their practices with Ethical BioTrade requirements. In order to gradually implement the Standard, a UEBT trading member commits to:

- Developping a Biodiversity Management System, a set of policies, procedures, and practices designed to implement the Ethical BioTrade Standard and UEBT Membership Obligations at the level of the company and its supply chains. Companies must develop a Biodiversity Management System within three years of joining UEBT, but otherwise define their own speed and scope for implementing the Ethical BioTrade standard in their operations.

- Establishing publicly available and measurable Ethical BioTrade Sourcing Comittments aiming at gradually reaching compliance with the Ethical BioTrade Standard. These targets are set by the company and should be sufficiently ambitious to do justice to UEBT membership.  

- Setting a three-year work plan for aligning the company sourcing practices with the UEBT Standard.

- Selecting in which supply chains the Ethical BioTrade Standard will be implemented in an accelerated way. Based on strategic and risk considerations, companies choose to prioritize certain supply chains over others with the help of UEBT Ingredient Portfolio Assessment Tool (IPA), a tool which helps UEBT members to prioritize ingredients with regard to the implementation of the Ethical BioTrade standard). Trading Members shall complete the Ingredient Portfolio Assessment within three years of becoming a member.

- Submitting annual reports on their progresses on the implementation of all requirements mentionned above (BMS, Ethical BioTrade Sourcing Targets, Work-Plans etc.)

- Undergoing independent third-party audits against the Ethical BioTrade Standard every three years to verify the implementation of all the above requirements.

- Improving continuously their sourcing practices by periodically redefining priorities, undergoing independent verification and updating annual work plans every three years.


Verification bodies

Every three years UEBT Trading Members shall undergo an independent verification of their compliance with the UEBT Membership Conditions and Obligations carried out by a Verification Body that is duly qualified by UEBT. To be qualified a verification body must sign an agreement with UEBT, be trainedd against the UEBT verification system and be accredited under ISO 17065 and/or ISO 17021 as well as accredited by other relevant Iseal member sustainability standard systems.