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Beauty of Sourcing with Respect


Each year in Paris, companies from the beauty, food, beverage and pharmaceutical sectors come together for the UEBT "Beauty of Sourcing with Respect Conference" to discuss issues such as ethical sourcing, Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS), biodiversity-based R&D trends, evolving consumer expectations etc.

The 2019 Beauty of Sourcing with Respect conference



20-21 May, 2019


Looking East



Beauty of Sourcing with Respect conference
Marketing and biodiversity
All plant-based ingredients derive from biodiversity. This session will assess how companies communicate about plant-based ingredients and biodiversity, and use this link to connect to their consumers. Special attention will be given to Asian markets, as well as the results of the annual consumer research conducted for the 2019 Biodiversity Barometer.
New issues and approaches in ethical sourcing
This session will explore business benefits of sourcing with respect for people and biodiversity. It will also consider emerging supply chain issues, including biodiversity and human rights and synthetic biology, and how companies are addressing them, including risk indices vs. audits and experiences with full supply chain transparency.
Biodiversity and regulatory developments
As part of efforts to implement their international commitments, including the SDGs and the Nagoya Protocol, countries are stepping up regulations on biodiversity.  This session will provide an update on access and benefit sharing (ABS), the way companies keep track and respond to these requirements, and recent ABS cases. Relevant developments on rules on endangered species will also be discussed. 
Technical exchange (parallel workshops)
Ethical sourcing of natural ingredients
workshop (All day)

A series of interactive workshops on sourcing with respect for people and biodiversity will pick up topics raised in the conference and allow further discussion and exchange. Challenges of supply chains of speciality ingredients such as those for fragrances, herbal teas, and active ingredients, for instance, will be considered. Leading companies will share their experiences, including on issues such as supporting local suppliers and farmers to implement new sourcing requirements, raising farmer income, or effective engaging purchasing departments in sustainability goals. The day will end with an opportunity for feedback on new provisions in the UEBT Ethical BioTrade standard.
Access and benefit sharing (ABS)
workshop (All day)

Five years after the entry in force of the Nagoya Protocol, the number and variety of ABS requirements is increasing. This session will feature authorities and focal points on ABS from key countries presenting recent developments and lessons learnt in regulating access, defining benefit sharing and controlling compliance. Companies will share their perspectives and experiences on engaging with ABS requirements through application procedures and negotiations with providers. Finally, legal experts will highlight key mistakes being made in ABS contracts and guide companies in ways to avoid them.

UEBT Biodiversity Barometer

The 2019 conference will launch the 11th edition of the UEBT Biodiversity Barometer, a special piece of research that spans over a decade and has included interviews with up to 70,000 consumers asking what they know and understand about our planet’s biodiversity, and what they expect from brands. This year special attention will be given to Asian consumers.


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