UEBT is a non-profit association created in 2007 in Switzerland.

We are membership-based, made up of companies involved in natural ingredient supply chains in the food, cosmetics and natural pharmaceutical sectors.  Companies that join us commit and take steps towards supply chain practices that respect people and biodiversity. UEBT supports and verifies these efforts.

We are governed through inclusive and multi-stakeholder processes. The Ethical BioTrade standard, which constitutes the core of our work, is defined and periodically revised based on feedback from a range of actors, from producers and local communities to international organisations and different types of companies.

Our Board of Directors includes UEBT member representatives, and no less than one-third of the Board is made up of representatives from different types of non-profit associations that bring a wealth of perspectives, experience and expertise.

General assembly

The General Assembly consists of all members of UEBT and is the ultimate decision-making authority for the organisation. It meets once per year.


Board of Directors

The General Assembly elects the UEBT Board of Directors, which governs UEBT and gives strategic direction to UEBT staff in support of the mission and vision.

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Standards and assurance committee

This committee oversees our standard-setting process and provides guidance on our assurance system.

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The day-to-day management of the organisation is in the hands of UEBT’s small team of expert staff and long-term consultants. The secretariat works to:

  • Bring companies together who are leading the way in biodiversity-based innovation and ethical sourcing.

  • Provide a credible and effective standards system for sourcing with respect.

  • Drive the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors to continually improve.

UEBT is registered in Switzerland. The UEBT team operates from Amsterdam with representatives in Brazil and Madagascar.

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