Provide technical support


Advisory services

Besides helping its members in implementing ethical sourcing practices, the UEBT also provides a certain number of other advisory services both to members and to other stakeholders who request them from the private and public sector alike. The UEBT proposes for instance to help companies to do assessments on various issues such as Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS), Biodiversity Monitoring System (BMS), ethical sourcing in supply chains etc. in order to provide a better understanding and help navigate within increasing regulatory requirements. 

UEBT also gives practical expert inputs to governments and other organisations involved in developing regulatory and policy frameworks, in order to promote and facilitate Ethical BioTrade. UEBT is for instance currently helping the government of Mexico to implement a sustainability evaluation process.



In order to increase awareness on biodiversity and to improve the understanding of issues related to ethical sourcing, UEBT also provides training workshops to governmental staff and companies. The UEBT is particularly active in helping turn ABS principles into practices through training on international and national regulations, providing experiences in other countries, facilitating the implementation of internal procedures...

In addition, the UEBT E-Training Platform offers practical, virtual and interactive lessons on different elements in Ethical BioTrade. It is available here.

“UEBT have constantly demonstrated their worldwide expertise on ABS issues. The specific ABS assessments, their pragmatic tools, their training sessions and consultancy meetings have been extremely useful to help us build and confirm our ABS risk management approach. ”
— Nicolas Jegouic, Agronomy Department Manager, Naturex BU Cosmetic

Capacity development 

Capacity development starts from the principle that individuals, organisations, institutions and countries are best empowered to develop, enhance and organise their own systems, resources and knowledge. The UEBT believes the best way to change things in ethical sourcing is thus to help build capacities on a local level by supporting people in acquiring knowledge, skills and expertise on ethical sourcing. UEBT train local partners and advise governments on how to implement ethical sourcing practices by incorporating them into legislation and strategies.


Creating Guidance documents


The UEBT offers guidance and technical support on ethical sourcing of biodiversity through a wide range of tools. UEBT developed a set of guidance materials, information, and good practices that can be used by the private sector, international organisations and governments. These tools are specifically designed to provide practical and comprehensive approaches on ethical sourcing for different types of companies sourcing and developing natural ingredients around the world. See the tools here.