An interview with Janine Belmont, CEO of Yanbal


For people outside Latin America who may not have heard of Yanbal, how would you describe your company?

Janine Belmont, CEO of Yanbal

Janine Belmont, CEO of Yanbal

Yanbal is a beauty company with 51 years of successful experience offering premium-quality cosmetics and bijouterie products in 10 countries in America and Europe, inspiring thousands of women worldwide to discover their full potential to achieve their dreams.

With a sustainable approach, Yanbal operates every day to generate a positive societal impact in the world.

Yanbal has recently adopted a vision for environmental and social responsibility. What is this vision, and how do you envisage that membership to UEBT will support this?

My father founded Yanbal with a sustainable approach before it became a trend. His vision was to bring a prosperous business opportunity for women aiming to offer world-class beauty products.

For Yanbal, sustainability means always doing business ethically throughout the entire value chain. For this reason, we are sure that partnering with UEBT will allow us to improve the sourcing of our natural ingredients, guaranteeing a responsible and positive impact in the local communities.


What will be the priorities over the next years for Yanbal with respect to sourcing with respect for people and biodiversity?

We have been working under the UEBT guidelines with the objective of implementing a Corporate System to ensure the responsible and ethical provision of natural ingredients and their by-products. This implies adapting our policies, reviewing our procedures and generating skills in our team and suppliers so they know and understand the relevance of their actions to benefit the communities from which the resources come from.


The Andean region is known for its rich cultural and biological diversity. How does this bring inspiration to the company?

At Yanbal, we are proud of our Peruvian origin. We celebrate the great diversity and cultural richness of the Andean region which inspires us constantly. We are continuously researching Andean ingredients and investing in R&D to discover new benefits or active ingredients for our beauty products. We are committed to bring the best of our region, while taking care of our impact in the communities and their environment.

What are your hopes for the future?

For 51 years, we have truly believed in sustainability combining ethics, passion and conviction to achieve a total societal impact. We know that there is still a lot to do, but we are committed to generate the change to a more sustainable business, to a more sustainable world.

Nelly Debril