Join us!


Why join us?

If your company is going the extra mile with respect to biodiversity, access & benefit sharing and sustainable practices, how can you guarantee your customers that you are getting the right ingredients, handled in the right way? The Union for Ethical BioTrade gives its Trading Members the tools they need to set themselves apart in the global market while ensuring that benefits reach all those involved along the supply chain from the producers to the consumers. UEBT and its members aim at conserving natural resources for future generations and at transforming the way business is done on the large scale. Join us and make a difference!

Who may join UEBT?

Private and public companies, trade associations, NGOs, community producers or collectors, national BioTrade programmes, and any other organisation active in the BioTrade arena can apply for UEBT membership.  There are 2 types of membership in UEBT, Trading Member and Affiliate Member :


Actors that are directly involved in the supply chain of BioTrade goods and services


Organisations or individuals that are supportive of the principles of Ethical BioTrade but are not themselves directly involved in trading.