Murumuru in the Amazon: conserving traditions and biodiversity

Josineide (known as “Josi”) is one of the youngest leaders from her community.  She is a founding partner and project coordinator of the Association of Agro-Extractive Workers of Ilha das Cinzas (ATAIC) in her home state of Pará in northern Brazil, a region rich in biodiversity.  Josi’s own community is one of thirty Amazonian communities in Brazil that has been partnering with Natura, a Brazil-based manufacturer of beauty and personal care products sold in more than 70 countries. 

One of the ingredients Natura and these communities are working on is the native Murumuru tree. In Pará, people are reaping this tree’s benefits not by cutting it down, but by conserving it and collecting its rich fruits.  The tree provides the emollient Murumuru butter, rich in essential fatty acids, for a range of Natura’s EKOS hair care products specially developed in 2016. 

Today Josi’s community is making sure that they are conserving the rainforest, preserving their own traditional knowledge, and working in partnership with a company that is committed to fairness.  Without losing forest or their traditional ways of life, Josi and fellow community members are seeing living conditions improve thanks to their careful preservation of the Murumuru tree and other native plants that yield natural ingredients.  UEBT certifies Murumuru and 20 other ingredients from the Amazon for use in Natura products.  Certification ensures that sourcing is done with respect so that people and nature can thrive.