Certification Bodies 


To assure credibility of the Ethical BioTrade Standard, the UEBT relies on 3rd party independent audits using accredited Certification Bodies for its verification system as well as for its three different certification programs e.g. UEBT Internal Monitoring System Certification, UEBT/UTZ internal Monitoring System Certification and UEBT Ethical Sourcing System Certification.

How to become a UEBT accredited Certification Body?

Certification Bodies interested in conducting third party audits against the UEBT Standard for UEBT Trading Members or candidates shall:

  • Be accredited under ISO 17065 and/or ISO 17021 as well as accredited by other relevant Iseal member sustainability standard systems
  • Sign an agreement with the UEBT Secretariat;
  • Be well trained against the UEBT verification system.

See the full list of requirements and obligations: here

If you are interested, please send an application form (add link to the form) to UEBT Secretariat at the following email address: [email protected]. UEBT reserves the right to approve such requests based on their internal policies and procedures.


UEBT Accredited Certification Bodies

Currently the UEBT has agreements with the following Certification Bodies:


Name Contact Email Countries logo
ABCert AG Linda Schuster [email protected]
Ceres Ulrich Findel ceres‎@‎ceres-cert.com
Control Union Peru Andrea Casto
Control Union Tanzania Beatrice Joseph [email protected]
Ecocert Jean-Charles Tissot [email protected]
IBD Certifications Alvaro Garcia [email protected]
NaturaCert Claudia Raquel Cortes Murcia [email protected]
Rainforest Alliance - RA Cert Patricia Offei [email protected]