What our label means

The UEBT Certified label is awarded to companies that meet the criteria of the Ethical BioTrade Standard. 

They join a growing movement of brands committed to sourcing their natural ingredients with respect for people and biodiversity.

The certification mark is hitting store shelves now.  It stands for these seven principles:


 What is the picture on the label?

The UEBT certification mark has three parts, referring to plants (the leaf), animals (the face) and people (the hands), and the entire image is a circle representing our one planet and our need for ecological balance. 


Is this similar to organic or cruelty-free?

UEBT certification is not the same as organic certification but they are complementary.  The Ethical BioTrade Standard requires practices that respect biodiversity (the diversity of life on Earth) and reduce biodiversity loss, such as restrictions on forest cutting, protection of endangered species and pollinators such as bees, enriching natural ecosystems and reducing pesticides.  Many ingredients in UEBT member companies’ products are both UEBT certified and certified organic, and the two systems often work together in farms and cultivation fields. 

UEBT certification is also different from the ‘cruelty-free’ mark. Animal testing is outside the scope of the UEBT standard, which is focused on the ground where ingredients are grown and collected.  Companies that work with UEBT often make separate commitments on this issue.       

Watch a short video on what our label means


You can support people and biodiversity by choosing brands that source natural ingredients with respect. Brands that work with UEBT show they are acting ethically.

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