Raising awareness

UEBT not only provides the tools for sourcing with respect, we also raise awareness about challenges and opportunities in ethical sourcing and share trends in this space. Our main tools include the Biodiversity Barometer, our annual conference, and our publications.

Tracking consumer expectations: Biodiversity Barometer


The Biodiversity Barometer, UEBT's flagship report, tracks biodiversity awareness among consumers and businesses in the cosmetics and food sectors. It draws on interviews with industry professionals, and pulls together key information from the annual reports of the 100 largest beauty and food companies.

Since 2009, UEBT has assessed consumer awareness among 64,000 consumers in 16 different countries. This decade research are an invaluable source of knowledge for companies and governments in their efforts to make these sectors more sustainable.


Annual conference


UEBT's annual Beauty of Sourcing with Respect conference serves as the signature event for discussing ethical sourcing of biodiversity. The conference brings together companies in the cosmetics, food, and natural pharmaceutical sectors, as well as experts from governments, international organisations, and NGOs, to share experiences and debate key issues.