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UEBT is a member-based non-profit organisation. It brings together a wide range of stakeholders -companies, communities, civil society- committed to sourcing with respect for people and biodiversity. UEBT sets good practices for how companies and their suppliers source natural ingredients and supports and verifies that member companies' commitments to innovation and sourcing contribute to a world in which people and biodiversity thrive. 

Their commitment is measured through the implementation of the UEBT Ethical BioTrade Standard used to independently check that good practices are systemically applied.

UEBT has two membership categories: Trading Members and Affiliate Members.



Why join UEBT?

In recent years, sustainable development and biodiversity as one of its pillars, have progressively become a business imperative.  UEBT with its intensive experience in setting good practices for how companies and their suppliers source natural ingredients, helps companies along their journey towards sustainability. UEBT membership intends to act as a framework for market transformation while delivering real business value, including:


Contribution to a world in which people and biodiversity thrive

How we collect, grow and use natural resources has profound implications for our living planet. Companies joining UEBT, by setting good sourcing practices of natural ingredients thus contributing to the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity while respecting all partners and local communities involved.



Brand Value

Technical support provided by UEBT in adopting ethical sourcing practices gives its members a strategic positioning of leader on biodiversity and a competitive advantage towards companies in the same field that are not embracing the same sustainable path. Being a UEBT member shows to the world that you care about people and biodiversity. It enhances your company’s reputation and image with your employees,  consumers, investors and other stakeholders. Demonstrating your commitments regarding biodiversity also attracts and retains new markets and customers more and more interested in naturalness, generating brand value in the long term.

Promotion of Ethical BioTrade and good practices along supply chains

Thanks to UEBT's specific expertise on complex supply chains and guidance on Ethical BioTrade, UEBT members get to understand their supply chains better. In the longer term it means for company members to be able to optimize their supply chains by improving their relationships with suppliers mitigating risks and identifying potential new business partners.


Improved company management system

Implementing an ethical sourcing system, as a requirement of UEBT membership,  improves UEBT members’ overall company management system. A better system enables member companies to advance their processes increasing efficiency and profits in the longer term. A better management system makes it also easier to be legally compliant with International framework on biodiversity and Access & Benefit Sharing, regulations having impacts in R&D, sourcing, commercialization, marketing and other activities.


Backed-up ethical sourcing claims

Being a UEBT member accords credibility to the claims your company is making on its ethical sourcing practices. Indeed, UEBT verifies how your company and your suppliers source natural ingredients. UEBT has innovative and credible verification and certification based on independent audits conducted either by an independent third-party Certification Body validated by UEBT or a UEBT staff. 

A wide range of stakeholders – companies, communities, civil society - contribute to developing UEBT standards which are  internationally recognized and externally validated. UEBT is member of ISEAL, the global association for credible sustainability standards.  We implement the ISEAL codes of good practice on standard setting, assurance and impact monitoring. 

Join UEBT and verify your commitment to sourcing with respect for people and biodiversity! See membership application process here