What does the UEBT label mean?

The UEBT certification mark has three parts:

  • an image of a feline referring to animals

  • an image of a leaf referring to plants

  • an image of hands referring to people and to the need for humans to care for biodiversity

 The entire mark forms a circle, indicating our planet and ecological balance.   

Does UEBT certified mean organic?

While the Ethical BioTrade Standard requires practices that respect biodiversity and reduce biodiversity loss, such as restrictions on forest clearing, protection of endangered species and pollinators, enriching natural ecosystems, and reducing agrochemicals, it is important to understand that UEBT certification is not the same as organic certification.  However, many ingredients in UEBT member companies’ products are both UEBT certified and certified organic, and the two systems are complementary.  UEBT certification is also different from the “cruelty-free” mark, and animal testing is outside the scope of the UEBT standard.  Companies that work with UEBT make separate commitments on this issue.       

Discover UEBT's new certification mark's meaning in this video.  The label is awarded to companies whose sourcing systems have met strict standards for respecting people and biodiversity.  Companies that work with UEBT continuously improve their ethical sourcing of natural ingredients.  


For more information 

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