Our History, Vision & Mission


Who we are



UEBT is a non-profit association that promotes sourcing with respect

Companies can contribute to a world in which people and biodiversity thrive. UEBT is a non-profit association supporting and verifying company commitments to sourcing with respect.

UEBT sets good practices for how companies and their suppliers source natural ingredients. A wide range of stakeholders – companies, communities, civil society - contribute to developing UEBT standards.

DO I KEEP THAT? : UEBT's area of expertise is specialty natural ingredients (i.e. , ingredients derived from plants, microorganisms and other components of biodiversity used to add a specific benefit to the core recipe of a product, benefiting either production or the end consumer) in food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors.

Our History

UEBT began as a United Nations initiative. It maintains strong partnerships with UN organisations such as the Convention on Biological Diversity and the UNCTAD BioTrade Initiative


During the Rio Earth Summit, countries adopt the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), with the aim of conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, and fair and equitable benefit sharing.


UEBT moved to independent offices and signs a memorandum of understanding with the CBD Secretariat.


To support CBD objectives, the UN Conference on Trade and Development
(UNCTAD) launches the BioTrade Initiative.                                                                           


Launch of UEBT certification for natural ingredients and the joint UEBT/UTZ herbal tea certification program.


The Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT) is launched, following an UNCTAD initiative to promote business engagement for the ethical sourcing of biodiversity.                                                                               


Launch of UEBT ethical sourcing system certification, in partnership with Weleda and Natura Cosmetics.


Our vision

Companies’ innovation and sourcing of natural ingredients contribute to a world in which people and biodiversity thrive


Our mission

To support and validate best practices of companies committed to ethical sourcing and innovation of natural ingredients for the benefit of people and biodiversity