Weleda's respect for biodiversity


Weleda, a world-leading cosmetics and pharmaceuticals brand, has been a UEBT member since 2011.  The company was founded in 1921 and depends on more than 1,000 natural ingredients for its medicines and cosmetics products.  UEBT works with Weleda on the company’s Ethical Sourcing System that provides a roadmap for Weleda’s practices from the point of collection or harvest of raw materials all the way to the product on a store shelf so that the consumer knows that Weleda sources natural ingredients with respect for people and biodiversity.  

  Sea buckthorn berries, Photo courtesy of Weleda

Sea buckthorn berries, Photo courtesy of Weleda

Ethical Sourcing System certification by UEBT allows companies to set their own goals while meeting internationally recognized good practices. Companies collect producer and farmer information, assess challenges, and prioritize ingredients where they need to make improvements. This means that, when sourcing raw materials, Weleda ensures that biodiversity is conserved and used sustainably, and that all partners along the chain are treated equitably and paid fairly.  

Weleda has also been active in supporting local projects.  For example, they are supporting a local sesame oil operation in southern Mexico that works directly with local farmers and processes all oil at the company owned mill, thereby reducing dependence on intermediaries and raising farmer income. Another Weleda supported project is working with researchers and local farming families in Italy to conserve the endangered sea buckthorn, a wild plant originally from Central Asia that is used in nutritional supplements and whose habitat has been destroyed by construction and intensive agriculture. 

Lara Koritzke